I am grateful for...

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little league baseball games, (short) swim meets, and my DVR
- Rob B
The hard workers at Falls with achy muscles who provide me with job security!
- Linda Massage Therapist
My wife, our sons, our friends, our shared country.
- Stewart
the birth of our Savior.
- Deb
My good friend Robert Francis!
- Tim Alter
my family, Christmas movies, and all of our traditions
- Kelsey
Good health, good friends, good food, good wine ... good life!
- Kim
Children who love well, parents who loved me well, a spouse cherish
- Joe
love, friendship, kindness, and grace. Also, funny animal or baby videos.
- Kelly
Christmas Ham!
- Elizabeth Charriez
My mom taking on breast cancer and winning...thanks SGK and Robert Francis!
- Adam
My family and friends and all of those challenges that make me better.
- Leah
Faith, Family, Friends and a new grandson!
- Bill
His birth which offers hope to a weary world.
- Barbara
Being Bald...
- Broc Romanek
God, family, country, and ......pizza
- Nick
the goodness in people, which never stops popping up in unexpected places.
- Evelyn
Faith, My Family, My Father, Our Freedoms, Friends and The Falls Group!
- Tim
Michigan State
- Matt
His Grace and Peace.
- Noel
Family, friends and good health! My wonderful 'family' of co-workers.
- Gail
Health, Family, Friends, Incredible Co-Workers, and Awesome Clients
- Rob J.
Working with wonderful people who are smarter than me and make me better!
- Heather
Those who provide for the less fortunate during this holy season and all year.
- Rob Falls
Maintaining rather than gaining in spite of wine and toffee. Love and mistletoe.
- Tammela
Family, Friends, the Future, Great Laughs and a Bright new year
- jackie k
The memory of parents who made Christmas a special time of year.
- Peggy
Friends and family, high performance blending, and the awesome team at Falls!
- Lindsay
Laugh lines...shows the years of smiles and happiness in my life!
- Kristi
Loving family, witty friends, stimulating travel, dark chocolate and red wine!
- Keith
the best friend in the whole world.
- Keith
Family, friends, health, work, strong community and Rob Falls.
- Marcy
Family - especially my perfect nephew. Friends and the great memories we share
- Katie
My two sons. My dogs. And my bride - who gets me...and loves me anyway!
- Bill F
Family, love and the gift of laughter which carries me through each day!
- Barb G
I am grateful for...well, the opportunity to be grateful. All is gift.
- Michael Curry
My beautiful, healthy family! And a nice glass of wine with friends.
- Lisa K.
Life and health and family and friends and work...I am so fortunate to be ALIVE!
- Sue
My girls, my hubby. Sloppy dog kisses. And a cold Diet Coke.
- Jen
A lifetime of very special memories watching my children grow up.
- Eileen
An incredible 2015, Christmas cookies (hint hint), cute animals & strong coffee.
- Erica
Scotch. An occasional birdie. Good friends. Great clients. Not in that order,
- Chris
Family, friends and a dog that are all just as quirky as I am.
- Courtney M
A warm welcome back to CLE and the support of my family, old friends and new.
- Lora
Chocolate, coffee, poetry,bacon, The New York Times and friendship.
- Christopher Suster
Holiday haiku. A dark rum and eggnog, please! But hold the eggnog.
- Jes
My husband, our animals; Keaney, Dexter and Felix, my parents and my brother.
- Patrice
My loving family, my caring friends, and a wonderful life in the awesome CLE!
- Dawn K
My car that gets me to and from places, but mostly for its seat warmers.
- Joanna
The beauty of nature, the joy of movement, my friends and family, and my cats
- Cristy
Another year of good health for my family and me (and LeBron coming home)
- Rob
Coffee, ice cream, bacon, cheese, and money.
- John
Co-workers that have become friends and friends that have become family.
- Melissa
My favorite hoodie, the perfect latte and a good Netflix binge.
- Allyson
Family, friends and coffee... Lots of coffee.
- Emily
my little family here, my family back home, my new work family and no snow yet..
- Hayden H.
Friends and family, above average temperatures and a beautiful city to call home
- Laura P.
My wild,crazy,funny, loving family!
- Laura
Being close to family, leggings and inappropriate jokes.
- Jenny
A roof over my head, food in my belly & love in my heart.
- Erin
Colorful Christmas lights!
- Kristen
spending time with my family and friends and sharing holiday treats
- Carmen